“BILLY GET YOUR GUNS / JON BON JOVI / Legendary Inquirer”

BILL GET YOUR GUNS / Jon Bon Jovi / Billy The Kid

By the way, when it looks like Richie Sambora, Jon Bon Jovi

The soundtrack released as a solo “Young GunsⅡ”.

I often listened to it in a jukebox.

Because it is full of odd American feeling, I want to run around New Mexico now.

This album starts with the masterpiece “Billy Get Your Guns”, but of course

This song sings the eternal outlaw “Billy The Kid” in the United States.

His documentary was often used on American programs, so I know it at all

Although it was not, I was able to know as a “questioner” who made a noise.

The legends of the “Outlaw” who were rampaging in the United States have various things and know their history.

It will be fun alone.

Various in the harshness of living and surviving in a completely different era and environment from the present.

I think there was a way of life.

In 1881, at the age of 21, he was shot dead by the sheriff Pat Garrett of Fort Summer

The end of “OUT LAW” has reached.

Billy became the legend of American, after all, became a “questioner”.

That’s it, there are other episodes of escapes and various episodes, but whatever you say, in your teens.

It became “GUN MAN” and was paid for a prize.

From the unfortunate boyhood, those who sympathize with his Billy who survived a thick and short life alone

It means that there are many in modern times since then.

I am one of them.

After returning to Japan, the majority of the US trips in the United States are leisurely drabbing the NEW MEXICO countryside.

I am looking forward to the camping and always go to Black Jack at the casino I always go to.

I also want to teach My Tarzan Boy about “trial trials” at the casino (laughs)

Of course, “Billy The Kid” real name William H. Bonney is finally shot and sleeps

I went to the land for Summer many times and watched the Billy stone monument.

He is also his Gambler, he became a young asking person and lived in a way that he would be chased.

I think there was a gambling heart.

One of the reasons I like his gambling is also one of the reasons for me.


■ Danny KortchMar Guitar

■ Benmont Tech Hammond Organ

■ Jeff Beck Guitar

■ Kenny Aronoff Drums

■ Randy Jackson Bass

■ Elton John Piano

Let’s run while listening to this “Billy Get Your Guns”

Billy was rampaging on his stupid Lincoln State, and he in the countryside of New Mexico

I’ll take it around.

Same as the Wyoming countryside where you are

There is nothing.

I like it.

That seems to be American

I watched “Young Guns” at a Texas movie theater at that time, but I understand 99 % English.

I wasn’t always there, but I always enjoyed watching a movie in a movie theater in the United States.

Whatever it said, the people who were watching were enjoying wai.

I can’t write well, but I just laugh, make a scream, a yellow voice? Such

It’s “noisy”, but it’s fun and fun.

This “Young Guns” has become a dollar box movie of Emilio Estevez, but his brother

I think that the face that came out, such as Charlie Sheen, was just a hot seller.

I want to write about movies on another occasion.

At the beginning of “Young GunsⅡ”, from the park I always camp alone

It starts, but what about this scene anytime? I will think.

Aside from the story, I watched this movie at the Texas movie theater at the time.

I watched it on Blu-ray for the first time in a long time, and watched the location etc. carefully.

Because there was a new discovery, it is worth watching movies for years and decades.

There is.

I feel like I don’t know, noticing, location and music, etc.

There are things that can be done, understanding and elucidation, so if you have time, review this and that.

I think it looks like.

as a side note

John is also appearing, but it seems that there are many people who do not notice it because it is too much.

Speaking of which

“Young GunsⅢ” seems to be taken

I’m looking forward to this.


■ Miracle


■ Dyin ‘Much of Livin’

■ Santa Fe

He released his solo album almost a year earlier than Richie Sambola, but John is John.

Bon Jovi’s frontman released a solo album of the masterpiece, respectively

I miss the American era blessed with the highest 90’s Melican Rock.

From this album, five singles were born, making it a long seller in the United States.

By the way, this album has been released as a soundtrack of “Young GunsⅡ”.

However, the title of John as a solo album is “Blaze of Glory”.

It is a wonderful total album that is full of American feeling and remains in the history of the rock world.

As a solo, “BLAZE OF GLORY”, which became the first single, became the first hit in the United States.

Hit all over the world.

■ I write a little about BON JOVI. Please take a look if you have time

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■ Lay Your Hands ON ME / Express feeling before live

■ Made in America / I want to run in the United States

■ Bad Medicine / The United States I longed for

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