Focusing on “Apple Watch where you can talk”, three questions about “ESIM” (The Page)

On September 22, Apple and three major domestic mobile phone companies released a smartwatch “Apple Watch Series 3”. The biggest topic about this new Apple Watch is that the device alone has been able to stand and speak voice calls. This time, we will explain the technology called “ESIM” that achieved this, and organize the questions for users.

ESIM that can incorporate communication and calling functions into various devices

Until now, there have been functions to notify smartphones and email reception in smartphones and wearable activity meters, which was also possible with the conventional Apple Watch. However, this was just a function to inform the smartphone’s 슬롯머신 call. In addition, smartphones and smartwatches need to be paired at all times, so they could not be used unless they were carried as a set. On the other hand, in the new Apple Watch Series 3, even if you do not carry the iPhone, you can receive calls on the phone number of the iPhone, and you can talk with the other party using the Apple Watch speaker and microphone. It will be possible. In addition, it is possible to use SMS (IMESSAGE), use Siri, and Apple Music music streaming without iPhone. Finally, taking a big step toward a “watch -type mobile phone” had a big impact for me to exceed the iPhone X’s announcement. According to Apple, the call function can be used by iPhone 6 / 6Plus or higher with iOS11 or later, and the phone number is shared with the number of iPhone. For this reason, for the cellular version of Apple Watch Series 3, the iPhone is treated as a “parent unit” and it is essential to use it at the same mobile phone company. DOCOMO has an option plan that can be used by linking the iPhone and the Apple Watch Series 3 under the name of “One Number Service”, KDDI (au), SoftBank is “Apple Watch Mobile Communication Service”. 。

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