In the third year of Batman, MBTI has changed.

This article contains the spoiler of the movie The Batman.

The criticism has always been unfamiliar and a shadow of new things. When Daniel Craig first became 007, everyone had never seen this 007 so far.

However, the first work, Casino Royal, pushed the wall of hate that people accumulated. Thanks to this, Daniel has become the most macho and human agent in the series. He completed his 15 years of his mission and was willing to say goodbye to us. (Note 1)

Batman series, which is not an exaggeration to say that DC has the most fans. It was born as the most perfect trilogy in the hands of Christopher Nolan, who is famous for catching artistic and popularity at the same time. And he gave birth to a joker, the villain of the world.

It is a very big adventure to film a new Batman movie with Robert Pattinson, an actor full of question marks. The beginning of the movie The Batman was full of new things. Thanks to this, the blame, the shadow, seemed to be deeply laid.

Not surprisingly, the movie [The Batman] is filled with this color of criticism. It’s dark and heavy. Robert Pattinson added the depth of the film by solving it in a different atmosphere than the roles that have played a depressed and thought Batman role.

The way the crew cope with criticism was the same as the color of the film. The accusation is a combination of Batman’s agony, and it doesn’t feel uncomfortable throughout the long running time. At the end of the 9th, when I thought that DC was finally done, I could feel that Batman’s mind in the movie was as light as light.

3 years.

If you are a general company, it is time to get a virtue pressure, which should be worn out now. The work, which seemed impossible, began to kick and the picture of the whole work begins to show. However, thanks to the fact that they have become used to the complaints about the entire company, and 카지노 the “conditions” when you move out of the company are also beginning. In addition, I also doubts and questions about whether I can continue this work.

Batman’s position, Gotham City (honor), has been at this point exactly at this point. Now the entire Gotham is also very familiar. I can’t be dispatched to all crimes, so I know that I can selectively work overtime. Nevertheless, Gotham’s police are just one of the vigilantes who wore masks.

Nevertheless, the biggest reason why police cannot catch Batman of this chaos. It may be because the “ability” expected from him is outstanding.

He does not run.

He doesn’t fly. However, he does not move brilliantly. Batman moves slowly and heavy until his identity approaches their noses.

At the moment when the fog created by the night is lifted, Batman meets with the eyes. The criminals only have no choice but to swallow the dry springs, thinking of a bat -shaped warning lamp shining towards the air. Of course, even before the dry spring is over, it will be hit and stretched on the floor.

The film depicts the pressure of the character of Batman very well. Obviously, it’s more brilliant or faster than other heroes. The pressure from all scenes where Batman appears is very great. Batman is a great and terrible nightmare for the villains who feel unknown from the steps. He doesn’t want to meet again, but he wants to meet at the same time.

Batman in the movie. It seemed as if he was smiling in front of numerous questions to find out what his true MBTI was. He was revenge what he did. Or as if it were justice. (Note 2)

Riddler’s attack is so attached to reality. I dig into what people are most afraid of. Thanks to this, he had no choice but to look straight at the issue of the tough system he wanted to turn away. Otherwise he seems to be different from the person in the back alley.

Selina is similar to the anger in her heart that she can’t reveal, so she is born with any further orphans. From Batman’s point of view that her orphans did not have the wrong mistake, she had to prevent her from being a person who lives in the dark.

It’s good to this point. My life as a Bruce Wayne has been smashed early, so I can’t feel how to go back.

Like this, everything is a mess. Batman had to answer questions in front of him. He must know exactly who he is. And correctly. Besides, it’s not too late.

At that moment when people can not be able to count. Batman makes the last decision. And he is willing to jump into the water.

At the same time, it was the moment I decided to choose the latter during the revenge and justice that had been confronted throughout the film. He was a scene that made all the agony he had so far as if he had been washed away.

His MBTI was decided. At the same time he became a new Batman. And Batman was not hesitant. By the first time to help others to help others more closely. He healed this role. With your own strength.

He thought he would save others. Indeed, the day he knows that he is confident in what he has taken.

At the end of the movie. Batman is very brief, but he joins the terrible darkness and helps people. It’s as if you’re trying to cover her shameful yourself. Batman’s eyes and gestures seem to be a bit different from the early of the rigid film.

Until then, he thought he was allowed only darkness.

He thought it was his own revenge and the order of Gotham to deal with those who live in darkness.

But he can sprinkle the virus of fear for the rulers of the night. He did not think that he could give hope to the owners of the day. And he forgot that there are many more people living in the day and more likely to spread hope.

Batman can’t leave Gotham.

His three -year cars had disappeared, and his MBTI became clear. And he now has the hope that he can change his life to weekly work.

Of course, this will be colorless and the six -year -old bleak will come. The city will still betray themselves. Besides, I will often forget night shifts. Now Batman’s eyes have changed.

The courage to go forward is not to find a stimulus every day. With the eyes of someone who knows that they are in the power to endure the same daily life.

I hope this novice official will be calm even today. It’s better if you don’t work overtime.

It is a very strong movie. If you expect action, state -of -the -art weapons, or Bruce Wayne’s tremendous richness, you will be boring. It is even more disappointing if you think of Heath Leisure, an indispensable name.

But rather, it was good to erase those points and focus on a new Batman. It’s not the story of the timing of Batman’s birth or Gotham. There is a lot of motivation to take off the chick tee and try to do something, but it’s just three years that it’s easy to get into the first problems. I just wanted to cheer.

There is a great opposition to the recent trend of movies, but nevertheless, I couldn’t even think that running time was long. I couldn’t think of how to write a review, but I left the cinema more than just a miscellaneous thought. I’m glad he’s a little happy.

[Scenes I like]

Not to mention the scene of the car chase and the ceiling of the ceiling in the middle. In the scene of the flooding square in the article, I kept tearing in tears. It seemed that only those who were willing to suffer seemed to make good use of rebirth.

Note 1

In addition to the 007 series, I wrote about 007 played by Daniel Craig and stored it. Personally, I was a huge fan of Christian Bale, so when Robert Pattinson said he was doing Batman, he was opposed to bubbles in his mouth. After watching this movie, I decided to shut up forever.

Note 2

My MBTI is also looking for a review on a topic that cannot be properly memorized. In fact, Batman’s MBTI is INTJ. I am infj. The problem is still not good at what it means.

[TMI in this article]

1. The movie is my taste (because it’s too heavy). I wanted to write a little bit lightly.

2. I didn’t know if I like a dark movie, but I want to see my OTT service. It’s apocalips.

3. It’s too hard for me to eat salad for 16 hours. But I’ve been doing it for two months.

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