“Read Dr. Suidobashi’s horoscope”

It is not the reason for the opposition support series, but I would like to see Dr. Suidobashi, a comedian who ran from Reiwa Shinsengumi to the Upper House election.

Dr. Suidobashi’s horoscope is a fire man because the sun is Leo.

Oh, was it Leo?

Leo does not succumb.

Leo fights.

Dr. Suidobashi was filed in a civil lawsuit by Mayor Ichiro Matsui in a civil lawsuit that Mayor Ichiro Matsui would “take legal measures,” and declared that it was a clear slap lawsuit, and he would thoroughly fight Matsui.

Oh, it looks like Leo.

It seems that this incident triggered the riding for the Upper House election.

Dr. Ichiro Matsui and Dr. Suidobashi revealing anger at the Japan Restoration Association.

It was a natural flow to run for the Restoration Association thoroughly from Reiwa Shinsengumi.

The slap lawsuit against Dr. Suidobashi, mayor Matsui, is a really terrible story.

The Meiji Restoration Association is terrifying because there is a lawyer Toru Hashishita in the back, the governor of Osaka Prefecture is also a lawyer, and the lawsuits are set up in civilian people.

It is abuse of such power.

Don’t lose to Ichiro Matsui, Dr. Suidobashi! !

Dr. Suidobashi, don’t allow the Restoration Society’s domineering! !

Dr. Suidobashi in Leo barks! !

Show me that if you lick Leo, you will not be a ton, Dr. Suidobashi! !

The moon and Jupiter are Pisces, so they are gentle and weak, so it would have been a riding from the vulnerable protection of Reiwa Shinsengumi.

The sun in Leo and the early Virgo Uranus is a conjunction, so a person who goes on our way and does not meet others.

Dr. Suidobashi ran from Reiwa Shinsengumi to fight the Restoration thoroughly.

Slap litigation is a lawsuit filed by companies, governments, and local governments to contain criticism and opposition movements by individuals, civil society, and journalists.

Don’t lose to the Restoration slap lawsuit, Dr. Suidobashi! !

Until now, I hated Dr. Suidobashi, but it seemed to be Leo’s close relatives.

Leo seems to be in Leo, so Leo doesn’t fit well.

However, I will support Dr. Suidobashi in the future as I resonated with the attitude of Dr. Suidobashi’s fighting man fighting the Slap Litigation of the Meiji Restoration! !

Really, the Restoration slap lawsuit is dangerous.

Since I am also active in poker, I was supporting the Casino concept for the Meiji Restoration for a while, but the more I checked the Meiji Restoration, the more dangerous information 바카라사이트 came out, and it was becoming clear that it was a selling country party.

Restoration is that interest is amazing.

In the past, where I supported the Meiji Restoration, I could make poker at a casino, so the interest.

I have to reflect on it …

The slap lawsuit of this Ishin is terrible.

If you are interested in this slap lawsuit, please check it out once.

Dr. Suidobashi, as a man in Leo, please fight the Restoration thoroughly! !

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