“The first time in a year -Part 2”

Come on, look back this year!

Enter the second part

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In 2022, the curtain began with 크레이지슬롯 a new year concert sponsored by Ueno Bunka Kaikan.

The next week, I jumped to Kitakyushu.

How! ! !

A new ensemble has been launched

I participated as a leading member of the second VN, but this is a real gachi, without a conductor, a chief member and a trainer, and a talented young trainee who creates music without compromising at all. It is a music group! smile

I stayed in a training camp facility in the wilderness without a shop for a week, and spent a lot of sleep and eat like a big family!

One day started with our own breakfast, rehearsals, lunch, rehearsals, dinner, and in some cases provided personal guidance and consultation, and blossomed in each other at the tailoring!

To be honest, this is a camp pace of school days, and I will continue to play all day in about 4 hours of sleep time every day … 😂

Nevertheless, the amazing that is fun and filled and can do it for some reason! !

If your heart is really happy, your body will not get tired. I’m surprised! !

Mr. Tajima and Mr. Nagase mentioned.

“It feels like this member gathered here for a long time.”

It was so much miracle 12 members & a week ✨

Eriko Yamanaka, Yasu Mori, who had been working hard with all heart and blood before this ensemble was realized, and Saki Ishida who worked hard for their support, Atsushi House, who gave a great deal of donation, was involved in the event. We sincerely thank all people!

Thank you ✨

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

February 23, Toho Music School Ensemble Presentation

Two years after the 10th anniversary of the opening of the room in the Ochanomizu Classroom in Toho Music Classroom, who is involved as an ensemble guidance with a practical instructor.

Last year’s event, the hot requests from many students did not cool down,

This year will be held again! !

Even so, it is held after taking various measures and various measures.

I was happy to have many applicants overflowed, so I decided to ask many students to participate, but I want you to participate more and more in the future!

The children who have been forced to be a lot of patience have been really enthusiastic and passionate since the rehearsal, and have been happy from the bottom of their hearts that they can play music with their friends.

And in the production, the performance was realized for the first time without the support of the instructor! !

Their pure and hot souls resounded in the hall, and when I saw them behind them, the things that broke up in my chest were too hot.

After a lot of difficulties, I felt more joy and happiness as I used more nerves than ever before.

I would like to thank everyone! !

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

From March to April, sponsored by Tokyo / Spring / Music Festival

“Wagner for Children” (Bayreuth Music Festival partner performance)

Was performed at 2VN chief!

The luxury of Wagner’s home, the German Bayreit Music Festival, will be performed at this music festival in Japan! !

It will be done with the same thing as the home, from directing, stage and costumes! !

The music and the orchestra were compactly organized in 80 minutes (actually 4 and a half hours!), And it was so well -balanced that this would be fine! !

However, those who play with orchestra continue to play without a break for 80 minutes.

↑ State of the performance from the official photo

Customers are parent and child with children and adults!

He really enjoyed it!

On the first day, LIVE distribution was also delivered, so my parents and friends seemed to be happy to see them over the screen!

Thanks to the wonderful members for two weeks for surviving Wagner!

I’m lonely when it’s over!

I sincerely hope that this wonderful project will continue!

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

The time will change, but on March 19th

I went to Kashimoto Daishin & Kosuge Yu Duo Recital.

It is a concert experience I went to listen to.

For me now, it was a very big experience, so I wanted to write it.

Daishin has a coincided time of studying abroad at Freiburuku Vehicle University, and with Japanese friends, we go to each other’s house, get in a car in various places, and help me move my friends. Go to a casino in Baden Baden, play a quartet together at a surprise birthday party (and the first viola debut in life in life), go through the chamber music first -view tournament at night …

In the youth of Germany, I spent countless time together.

February of this year? I was planning to go to the recital scheduled for the first day, and it was canceled on the first day, and I thought that this was decided in a hurry! !

This also got a ticket for the release time on the first day! !

After a tough time, I was really craving to be able to touch the sound of Daishin and Yu -chan’s raw!

And the venue on the day is completely full.

After that, I no longer needed words.

While it has become familiar with high -quality digital distribution, which has a great leap in the last two years, realistic, realistic sound, real air …

And as their musicians, they wrapped around the venue on an infinite scale that was immeasurable.

In the encore, I, my mother, and the unknown men were all wiped tears.

On this day, I was in the same Suntory Hall, so I had a meeting with Daishin and met in the dressing room, and fortunately the timing was good and I reunited for the first time in years. I was able to do something.

At any time, a warm light on the opponent’s heart.

I am grateful that I can not say it in words.

Music is a person itself.

I thought so.

Just thank you very much.

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Now! ! !

I let you know a little in the first part,

It has been postponed for 2 years

[Kofu chamber indoor ensemble 45th anniversary commemorative concert]

finally! ! !

It will be held on Sunday, October 16, 2022 this year! !

The program in the first half has been changed (↑ flyer image of last year)

In the second half, Vivaldi “Shiki”

I will be a solo!

I’m really honored …

Cello will be performing this ensemble, and Ryosuke Hori, who has been taking care of her family since she was a child who was not remembered!

Finally, the solo match of “Shiki” has begun! !

I headed to Kofu for the first time in three years, and I was impressed by the tremendous power in the scene of nature from the limited express Azusa! !

e? Did you see Mt. Fuji in this direction around here? ? ? ? I’m impressed

The greenery seen from the window of the rehearsal room is also wonderful ~~

The Kofu chamber -list of the indoor ensemble was also very happy to be able to overcome the difficult times while searching for how to work, and to be able to play music together in this way.

I will also visit Kofu in July.

I’m looking forward to October from now on!

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

This year, I looked back on the angry waves! !

By recalling and looking back on the experience, there are many other events that I couldn’t write, and even at this time when I thought it was difficult, I was blessed with many connections, connections, opportunities and things. I noticed.

After all, how much do you notice that it is? ?

If you don’t notice its existence and value in the treasure, the same as …

Depending on how many “thank you” can be found, happiness can be uploaded infinitely! ! !

At any time, I thought that living was already rich and blessed.

And I want to live the moment when the lights are always lit in my heart and the light of the person in front of me.

Sudden resurrection post, and long sentence! ! !

Thank you very much for reading so far.

I don’t know what the pace is in the future

I want to share something a little! ← This feeling is true! !

Twitter is a little more frequent than blogs. smile

Instagram has posted a lot more than music ♪

I would be glad if you could support me etc.

Thank you always ☺️💓

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“Op.” ~ Ryoji IKEDA

408 “It’s amazing that there is a city with the tone of the pipe organ from the castle …!” Kofstein 2006, Austria, was in the World Cup year. I wanted to feel the excitement of Germany’s soccer fever directly, so I left Japan in October 2005. This is my first experience traveling in Germany in autumn. I was very excited. First of all, we transferred an airplane in Frankfurt and started traveling from Hamburg, Northern Germany. Then go south by train to Munich, South Germany, over the Iloilo city. And the last is a three -week itinerary of returning from Frankfurt. It seems to be long and short. But a short and long -relying rail trip to Eurail Pass. For the first time traveling in Europe in autumn, I felt like I couldn’t go around the German city. So before I left, I decided to extend my legs to Salzburg, Austria, which I had never been. Salzburg is not so far from Munich. If you think about it, you will act immediately. Immediately, I booked the hotel “Elephant” in the old city of Salzburg for two days. Somehow, “Elephant” is a strange name and it’s not like Austria. I happened to see a hotel called “Elephant” with the same name in the center of the old town when I visited Wymar, Eastern Germany before. The old people in the past were exotic and unusual, and they had respect for their huge appearance. I heard that the hotel in Weimar was named for that reason. Probably, with the same thoughts, I think that Salzburg was named the same “Elephant”. Salzburg, which is first visited, has the impression that it is a Mozart fabric. The impression that the city was the stage of the movie “Sound of Music” is also strong. So before I left, I was also preparing for Iloilo after watching the video of “Sound of Music”. After arriving in Salzburg, I walked around the city from the first day and was quite exhausted in the evening. This city, such as the Hoenzal Tsuburuku Castle, Mirabel Palace, and the Cathedral, was too excited because there were many highlights. And the next morning, I wake up at a strange time as usual. My journey has passed for more than a week, but my jet lag is unbalanced and impressive and will not heal immediately. It’s painful because it lasts more during the journey. It doesn’t make your eyes clear. I can’t help but turn the guidebook “How to Walk the Earth” or Thomas Cook “Timetable” to kill time. The highlights in Salzburg were almost on the first day. Well, how do you spend a day today …? Before leaving, on the second day of the night, I was planning to go to the small city of Oberundorf, a suburb of Salzburg, where the chant “Kiyoshiko Night” was born. Oberundorf is about 25 minutes by private railway from Salzburg Station. That alone will surely have time. Is there any other interesting city …? When I was turning over the guidebook, I found a very interesting city. There was a city called “a city where the tone of the huge pipe organ echo resounds.” I felt this was absolutely interesting. I wanted to go somehow. The city with a huge pipe organ is Kufstein. It’s not so close to Salzburg, but it’s not so far. You can return to Kufstein from Salzburg to Rosenheim in Germany, then transfer to an Austrian Innsbruck train. If the transit goes well, the time required is probably within 2 hours each way. Anyway, it is OK if you arrive at the site until 12:00 when the performance of the pipe organ starts. The initially scheduled Oberundorf will manage if you go back from Kofstein. I thought so. The following introduction was on the Kufstein page of the guidebook “How to Walk the Earth”. I was strongly attracted to the word “hero’s pipe organ”. The largest outdoor pipe organ Heldenorgel: The huge pipe organ with 4307 pipes is named Hero Organ. The pipe is on the tower of the castle, but the performance stand is in the entrance of the castle at the foot, in the building on the left. Every day at 12:00 (from 17:00 in July to August), the powerful tone resounds and it is no problem to go 6km, but if it is not in time for 12 o’clock when the performance starts, it will be meaningless. 。 I hurried up from the bed, took a shower immediately, left the hotel without breakfast, and hurried to Salzburg Central Station. Salzburg in October is colder than I thought, and my cheeks were so stiff. As expected, I felt the fall of Europe. Anyway, walk to the station in a hurry. When I arrived at the station with my breath, I managed to get in time for a train to Munich. I had a little time in time, so I looked into KIOSK. Fortunately, there was a Japanese newspaper, so I bought one copy. The Eurocity EC from Vienna has entered the platform. I am surprised because every compartment is crowded because it is suitable for commuting time. I have a Eurail pass and have the right to ride a first class car. But the first class car is full. 바카라 I got into the second class car. After a while, people like the Symphony Orchestra entered a vehicle with a second class compartment, with a violin case. Sudden congestion causes the inside of the vehicle to become a disturbance. It’s somehow fun. After leaving Salzburg and running for a while, the train stopped at a station called Freilassin on the German side. Then there was an announcement in the car, and the people sitting in the compartment started down on the platform. Why do you all get off …? I don’t understand the translation. Asking other passengers does not get the point. I couldn’t help getting off the train and got on another train waiting on the platform. Probably the vehicle that I had been riding so far was bad and the vehicle would be replaced. Probably because I traveled to France before and experienced that. But something strange …? I sat down on the train I changed and watched for a while. Passengers still remain in the Eurocity EC that I have been riding. The conductor is about to signal the departure. Somehow strange. Absolutely strange. Immediately got off the platform and asked the station staff standing nearby in English. “I want to go to Rosenheim, is this EC okay …?” I got on the Eurocity EC that I was riding a while ago. I don’t know why, but anyway this train seems to arrive at Rosenheim faster. I wanted to arrive at Kufstein before 12 o’clock to listen to the performance of the pipe organ. I got on the Eurocity EC again, but the full seats remained the same. I went to the cafeteria car, but all the tables were full. I can’t help but ask a woman sitting and reading the newspaper shared. After drinking coffee and relaxing, I arrived safely at Rosenheim, Germany. I’m glad it was all right, but I think it would take more time if I was on the trains there. I do this because I don’t understand German. I think foreigners visiting Japan will probably have a hard time in words like me. Well, each other …! Such mistakes and inconvenience can be a good memory of the trip later. Fortunately, the local train bound for Innsbruck departed Rosenheim almost on time. In this case, you can arrive at Kufstein almost on time, and you will be in time for the performance of the pipe organ. And we arrived at Kufstein Station on the timetable. The time is a little past 11 o’clock. The smile spills unintentionally. When I left the station and walked a little, I hit the river flowing from the upstream Innsbruck. Then, on the rocky mountains on the right, the city that symbolizes this city looks large. The pipe organ you want is played from that castle. What kind of sound does it really sound? I get excited just by imagining. The Coufstein’s fortress was built in the 12th century. It was originally owned by Legensburg Bishop. There is a considerable distance from here to the Legenburg on the Danube shores. I have visited Regensburg twice in the past. The old town is a wonderful city, registered as a World Cultural Heritage Site. The in -river flowing under the castle will join a taiga donau in Passau, a downstream southern German city, which is bordered by Austria. I am happy to know that the two townsburg and Kufstein are connected through the two rivers with Danau. Kufstein is a border city. In the past, he had a history of fighting between Bayern and Tyrol many times. I knew after returning to Japan, but in fact, Kofstein has a world -famous “Redel” headquarters. Redel’s wine glass is a glass that is a favorite because it has a dignified appearance and shape. I might have been more happy if I knew it in advance. Speaking of glasses, the story is flying, but in fact, I visited Baccarat in the northern Alsace region of Northern France, famous for its crystal glass. I’m amazed that I’m traveling on a maniac. The water in the river flowing under the castle is cloudy as if you look closely. I’ve heard from a friend living in South Tyrol before. The reason why the water in the in -river is cloudy is because the water in the glacier is melted out, and the reason is due to the peculiar calcal ascension stratum. Anyway, the in -river is as white as a bath salt I used on the bath tab last night. The first person to see will surely be surprised. As soon as you cross the bridge over the in -river, the old town will be done. Kufstein is a small town with a population of 15,000, so if you walk a little, you will be out of the city. I like this small city more than a large city where there are many people. As soon as you cross the bridge, you will find a beautiful small road “Leava Hof Gasse”. I look at it as a picture. You can see the crossing corridor decorated in the back of Koji. Beautiful frescoes are drawn on the walls of both sides of the houses, with gust houses, restaurants and souvenir shops. There is a city hall on the way from the station. That is the center of this city. Looking at the wristwatch, it is almost 12:30 ago. It’s time to go up to the castle. The castle goes up with a cable car called “Panorama Burn”. But to me, it looks like an elevator rather than a cable car. Nevertheless, if the Kufstein people insist that this is a panoramic burn, the outdoor traveler can only admit Assari as a “panoramic burn”. Buy coins at the entrance of the castle to get on the panoramic burn. Put the coins in the machine and squeeze the three entrance bars at the entrance and enter the panoramic burn. The explanation of how to ride is only German. There is an illustration but it is difficult to understand. For the time being, I pressed the button and entered the panoramic burn. But no matter how much you wait, the door closes and does not rise. I don’t know the mechanism. What should we do…? As I tilted my head and thought, four parents and children entered the panoramic Burn. The lower child suddenly said something and pressed the button. Her mother was surprised and scolded, but the door was slowly closed and the panoramic burn began to rise. Oh, it’s amazing, danke! The child looks back at her mother with a grinning face. Panorama Burn, like an elevator, rises to the Guigui Castle at a great speed, like a cable car at Hohenzal Tsubburg Castle in Salzburg. I went up to the castle, but I still have more time. I decided to spend time looking at the museum in the castle. I looked around Iloilo and managed to kill time. It’s finally 12:00. The bell begins to ring everywhere in the city. Finally, the bell of the parish church at the foot of the castle rang. Now, it’s about to start …! 1 minute, 2 minutes, and 3 minutes have passed. It’s weird, it doesn’t start right away. And the time is 5 minutes and 6 minutes. What happened …? Why doesn’t it start …? Isn’t the organ being stopped today and the performance was canceled …? It’s not a joke, it’s not going to be here. 5 minutes and 10 minutes have passed. Suddenly, the tone of the pipe organ resounded in the city when I decided to decide. The organ sound source pipe was ringing from a round tower, which is lower than where I stand. Perhaps because the position of the sound source was low, the tone felt a little light and sparse. At that time, I recorded the tone of the pipe organ with a video camera microphone. The video was almost ignored only on the sound. The first song is over. Then I wanted to record a more hungry tone. Is there a better recording place …? I decided to look around the area and then move to the bottom where the true round tower. A lot of large pipes approach the tower lined up toward the city. Then the performance of the second song suddenly started. Wow, there is even more amazing sound! The body is trembling with a heavy tone. The inside of the round tower was covered with glass, and I was surprised at how many pipes were lined up toward the city. As expected, it is near the sound source, so it sounds like hitting everything with a blurring and boss. This is the extreme pleasure. A lot of things were on display like a museum in the round tower. Walk slowly in the tower while recording the sound. The performance still continues, so I went out of the tower. The heavy bass shakes the air further and shakes the whole side. After recording near the tower for a while, I slowly went down the stairs to the entrance at the foot. What does the pipe organ sound sound like a pipe organ at the foot …? Suddenly I was interested in it. On the way back to the station after the performance of the pipe organ, I looked back at the castle that I had been in the past, crossing the bridge over the in -river. Then, a long trajectory draws a long trajectory on the fortress. When you travel in Europe, you often see aircraft clouds. In the past, as the river connects cities and cities, and after the Industrial Revolution, the railway has connected cities and cities across borders, and in modern times aircraft connect cities and cities. This is exactly the empty intercity. (◎ Please search for the back number of the travel blog “Tekukuku Austria” from the following [tag]!)
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