“Wear candidate you want to knit yourself”

Because the thread I bought for wear has increased quite a bit

Delusioned which thread to edit what thread.

If you look for a design from the thread, it’s the easiest to search for labels.

1st de Rerum Natura Cyrano

100g 150m 5-7mm 7 balls

COLUMN is now planned.

ANDY looks good, but I wonder if this thickness is hard to wear a coat with this thickness. 。 。

Second ROWAN Island Blend

50g 125m 4-4.5mm beige 10 Kase tea 3

Cardoon (braided sweater)

It can be braided in the two colors you bought, or it seems good to have a color scheme with a grade thread.

Third Aurora8

50g 90m 4.5-5mm 10 balls


He seems to be a little short, so he needs to shorten his sleeve or length if he knits it.

But the free pattern is attractive.

4th Malabrigo Worsted

100g 192m 4.5-5.5mm 5

Flax (sweater)

I don’t feel like this pattern is knitted with a free pattern.


50g 125m 3.25mm 12 balls


This is a different color three years ago, but it is useful, so I want one bright color.

I was thinking from the thread I purchased relatively recently.

She bought it a while ago, but there are many things behind Sonomono Robbing, Baccarat Epock, and other memories. It’s hard to enter from searching for patterns when you want to knit

I hope I can collect the 코인카지노 pattern that seems to fit with the thread I have and write down little by little.

Nihon Blog Village

I want to do a shawl edition.

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