“You can have a casino in Phuket! ? ]

According to Phuket Times, we are preparing to open five legal casinos throughout Thailand, including Phuket.

From the article of Phuket Times below (using translation software)

The committee has urged the government to open five legal casinos nationwide.

The committee is preparing to propose five legal casinos nationwide by imposing 30 % of taxes in states and banning young people and public servants. We believe that we can reduce illegal gambling problems only for tourists, and are expected to enter the lower house in November this year.

(June 29, 1965) There was an extraordinary committee meeting at the Parliamentary Hall to consider opening a comprehensive entertainment facility. (Entertainment complex) Collection of income and tax from legal casino business. Countermeasures to prevent and resolve illegal gambling addictions will be trends in electronic gambling machines and the online gambling House of Representatives to follow up the legal development of entertainment facilities. After examining the possibility of law amendment, it solves the problem of the wrong gambling about one year ago.

Vice Chairman of the second committee, Pise Tuam -enfan, to consider the committee to create a summary of the survey report and to open a total of five comprehensive entertainment facilities in each region of the country. He revealed that it would be sent to the government. The northern area of ​​Chiang Rai Prefecture. Or Chiang Mai, the central area of ​​Pattaya, the southern part of Pattaya, the southern part of Pattaya, Puket, Panger or Clabet, Ubon La Chatani, Ubon La Chatani, Udon Tani or Bangkok, and its surroundings of various entertainment facilities to open in one state area in each region. It is open to all forms of gambling. Both local and international gambling including online gambling

Mr. Pise also allowed concessions from the private sector to participate in the business. The state will collect 30 % of taxes, including local maintenance tax, and use it to maintain open entertainment facilities.

Regarding the use of services in entertainment facilities, it is necessary to set an age limit so that the user is over 20 years old. The general public needs to check the economic situation before entering the service. Unless government officials have a ban on use of services, these formats have studied the patterns of many foreign service facilities, including Singapore and Malaysia, before adjusting the model in line with Thailand. rice field.

It is believed that this kind of entertainment can reduce illegal gambling problems. And the state can collect a large amount of taxes. In the past, illegal gambling still remains. In addition, the state had to lose a lot of income. Including believing that it can reduce the problem of the mafia, or influential people who manage illegal gambling

However, 슬롯머신 the committee has studied the gambling law, section 4 suggests issuing laws and regulations to the government. Additional terms are associated with other laws, including other laws.

Pise also stated that the establishment of a complete entertainment facility proposed this time was legal. The main purpose is to provide services to many tourists visiting Thailand every year. After this, about a month later, a summary report will be sent to the government and will be considered. He proposed to the lower house in November. I believe that it can be considered whether it will be opened within the government of General Playut Chanchao.

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